Jeff Johnson Teaches Range

Unlike in many parts of our country, we are privileged to live in a county that supports its law enforcement officers. A primary reason for this support can be traced to the collective cooperation between our community and its officers.

As in all healthy relationships, TRUST is key!

Trust is defined as the “assured reliance on the character, ability, strength or truth of someone or something”.

That someone we can trust is your candidate for sheriff, Jeff Johnson.

Johnson embodies the CHARACTER found in genuine public servants. Johnson puts others first, he is approachable, he listens and responds to the community’s needs, he is empathetic to the people’s concerns and places a priority on public service and safety.

Johnson possesses the ABILITY to lead OUR sheriff’s office. With nearly 23 years in law enforcement, Johnson has served, supervised and commanded in most every capacity; Johnson knows the position and how to effectively lead and manage each component. A CEO must know his organization and how its entities operate.

Johnson understands that STRENGTH encompasses the need to stand upon principles and truth especially in times of adversity. Johnson exemplifies this STRENGTH in his public service.

ALL business must be conducted in an honest, TRUTHFUL and transparent manner.

“Truthfulness is paramount. Once we began to sacrifice our integrity, we have crossed the ultimate line in law enforcement”.