Proven Leader

Jeff Johnson classroom pic

“Let us never forget that every elected official is a servant of the People, answerable to the People and is accountable to the People.”

Jeff Johnson knows that the Dawson County Sheriff’s Office belongs to the citizens and to future generations of Dawson County. It is a responsibility not taken lightly and as your next Sheriff – Johnson will never forget this most solemn principle.

Johnson cherishes the Constitution and will operate our sheriff’s office in a manner that protects individual rights, while ensuring premium law enforcement services are administered.

We must fully understand that a sheriff’s actions or inactions may have long lasting effects on a county and a people that may extend for generations. Knowing that this is not an individual’s office, but rather the people’s office – Johnson will always operate your sheriff’s office in this manner.

“It would serve every elected official well to remember that the position that he or she holds is not their own. They are simply blessed to occupy this position for a season.”

Professional Training and Experience

Georgia Law sets requirements for an individual to seek the office of sheriff, but these requirements are minimal and require absolutely NO law enforcement experience.

As informed and educated voters, we must ask ourselves – is this reasonable. The Dawson County Sheriff’s Office includes many components, the largest source of employees, the largest budget, and the largest potential source for liability.

Knowing this, Dawson County deserves the most experienced sheriff possible. Jeff Johnson is the ideal candidate who brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and training to this position:

• Nearly 23 years of experience serving in both a Sheriff’s Office and Police Department capacity

• Extensive experience in detention operations including commanding YOUR jail since 2009 (easily argued to be the county’s largest liability AND the largest single component including budget and personnel)

• Johnson has extensive experience in all facets of law enforcement.

• Johnson has supervised and commanded in these areas (detention, patrol, investigations, specialized assignments, govt. housing, internal affairs, courts, training, and administration). Johnson knows these divisions well and as such is able to effectively lead each component.

• Extensive experience as a Law Enforcement Instructor. Jeff Johnson has taught at the local, regional police academy and State Conference levels.

• Jeff Johnson has amassed over 3,000 hours of specialized law enforcement training. This training has served Johnson appropriately in his duties and responsibilities as well as his contributions to community programs

“Only after this accumulative service, do I resolutely believe that the time has arrived for me to seek elected office. Without this experience, it would be a disservice to Dawson County to run for this most critical office. ”