Moving Forward

Jeff Johnson range 1

As Dawson County continues to grow and change, it is incumbent upon law enforcement service providers to be prepared for the challenges ahead.

Changes in demographics, economic levels, businesses and industries; all impact crime trends differently.

As your Sheriff, it will be my responsibility to address these changes and implement responses to keep our community safe.

To further his goals of reducing crime and victimization, Johnson will emphasize programs designed to empower his community. Outreach programs such as firearms safety and use, defensive tactics, burglary prevention, and threat assessments will be increased.

“I would be remiss in my duties as your sheriff, if I did not reach out to better educate, teach and train our responsible, law abiding citizens to become more self-reliant.”

Above and beyond all things, Johnson understands the sheer magnitude of the responsibility for which he is seeking.

“I seek not wealth, I seek not power and I seek not notoriety. My only desire is to serve our community. I have a vested interest in our county and a resolute determination to make our community safer.”